History of the company


Salaisons MONTSERRET are located at Grézieu Le Marché in the Monts du Lyonnais.


This family business was founded in 1936 by the great grandfather of Nicolas Montserret, the current CEO of Salaisons Montserret. This company manufactures and distributes sausage and dry sausages since over 75 years with the same respect of tradition and of the know-how.



Since their creation, the Salaisons have been evolving a lot but are remaining friendly and convivial. They experienced two phases of extension.

The first of them has been the creation and/or the improvement of the manufacturing room, steam rooms and drying rooms etc. Then there was the construction of the new packing workshop, of new offices and of the brushing-chalking workshop.


Salaisons Montserret currently employ 32 employees. With more than 40 different products, this family business gets customs in various ways (French, English, supermarkets and hypermarkets, great firms, showmen, etc..).

The Salaisons possess a compulsory sanitary agrement and the method HACCP (method quality) is strictly respected and watched, this is a necessity in the food industries today.


The Quality of our Products

From the delivery of the raw materials to the arrival in the dispatch docks, nothing communicates with the outside. In addition, hygiene rules are applied to the staff such as to the buildings. Therefore, the company focuses on the quality because good hygiene helps to obtain better quality.

The regularization of the stages of manufacturing, the continuous analysis of the products, the precise management of the quality controls, everything provides a natural-tasting dry sausage of a great and controlled quality to the consumer.


The surrounding air contributes to drying our sausages by giving them the incomparable unctuousness that makes the reputation of our products.

It is by paying a great attention to the manufacturing of our products that we can both keep your trust in our products and answer flexibly and effectively to the needs of the large scale distribution.

Contact us :

  • Zone Artisanale
    220, chemin des Champs
    69610 Grézieu le Marché

  • 04 78 48 46 39

  • salaisons.montserret@wanadoo.fr
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