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Dry sausage pure pork provençal
Dry sausage pure pork provençal

Variable or fixed weight
Code 3281 Saucisson Pur Porc 150g environ provençal variable weight
Code 224 Saucisson Pur Porc 150g provençal fixed weight


Technical specifications  
Outside aspect :
Size : length 17 to 19cm      diameter : 41 to 50mm.
More or less regular shape typical of natural gut. Tied with a string.
White color due to the natural white penicillium.
It can be floured on customer's request.
Aspect intérieur :
Regular alternation of white fat grains and pinkish lean meat grains. 7mm grains. Contains pieces of dried tomatoes.
Taste :
Coming from a lactic acid fermentation, typical of dried sausage et and a taste of Herbs de Provence and tomatoes.
Texture : Soft.
Pork meat coming from the EU, salt, LACTOSE, dehydrated tomatoes 1,4%, spices, dextrose, aromas (derived from milk), aromatic plants, herbes de Provence 0,04%, food preservative : E252, ferments, natural pig intestines.
Allergens LACTOSE, AROMES (derived from milk).
No ingredients, additives or flavorings derived from GMOs or derived from GMOs, therefore not subject to labeling according to EC regulations.
Ionized components None.
Salmonella : None in 25 grams
Staphylococcus coagulase + : < 100 per gram
Enterobacteria : < 1000 per gram
Listeria monocytogenes :< 10 in 25 grams
Moisture on defatted product : <= 52%
Free fatty substance/HPD : <= 30%
Collagen / protein ratio: <= 20%
Total soluble sugar ratio/HPD : <= 2%
Nutritional values
Nutrition declaration Measurement unit (for 100g)
Energie 1928kJ/464kcal

Fatty substance

included saturated fatty acids




sugars included



Proteins 27,4g
Salt 4,68g
Storage conditions Store in a dry place at a temperature < 15°C.
Packaging and
DLUO (deadline for
optimal use)

Without packaging, no plastic film, with a label tied to the string  90 days

Boxes of 5kg or 10kg (customer's choice).